About Leigh Pollack,
Founder of Capretto Girl

I was born into fashion. I grew up in my family’s boutique shoe business, Capretto Shoes. My whole childhood, people would recognize me as the daughter of the owner of Capretto, a Miami institution, and call me “Capretto Girl”. That’s how the idea for Capretto Girl was born: through a silly nickname that some beautiful friends and neighbors lovingly bestowed on me.  

Capretto Girl is a community of friends and online neighbors. Together, we will explore topics ranging from wellness to fashion to love to sex to altruism to pets to lifestyle to disabilities to what is our purpose (the ultimate topic, in my opinion).

I am a late bloomer. Join me. Let’s blossom together. 

Hello, I'm Leigh!

Why Be A Capretto Girl?

A Capretto Girl chooses Kindness, always. Capretto Girls love art. We might make it, or just appreciate it. But it’s a part of us.

Capretto Girls don’t have to be girls. We embody a movement. A movement for inner beauty to supersede outer beauty. A movement towards open-mindedness, understanding, and common ground. Capretto Girls appreciate being appreciated, because we know our worth.

Capretto Girls value self enough to invest in self-care, because we understand that when we don’t invest in ourselves, we have nothing left to invest in others. And we love to invest in others.

Capretto Girls grant ourselves self love so we can gift love to others. Love is our most precious commodity. As The Beatles sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Capretto Girls mess up all the time, because we are human. And we laugh as much as possible, because the cliché is true: laughter really is the best medicine. A Capretto Girl works to figure out who she is, and is Her. Only and always Her.

Capretto Girls are here to leave our mark.

So be kind. Be whole. Be a Capretto Girl.

Style vs. Fashion: What's in a Capretto Closet?

Personal style does not have to be expensive. Personal style can be sustainable. Personal style does not have to be trendy. Personal style does not have to be complicated. I am a jeans and tshirt girl. I am as comfortable in athleisure and no makeup as I am in evening wear and full glam. You might not be. And that’s fine! Together, we will identify your signature style. I will never dress you like me; I will always dress you like you.

I do not want to change you. I will use the style and the swagger with which you were born to create a curated wardrobe replete with items you want to wear, instead of items that you feel obligated to wear because they were pricey.

I am learning to love the skin I’m in, and I will encourage you to do the same. I do not believe in “goal weight” clothes for tomorrow. I want you to feel amazing in your clothes today!