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She is confident, gracious, expansive, kind, intentional, and grounded. She makes room in her life for others by putting herself first. She strives to do better today than she did yesterday.

She is compassionate. She is patient, sometimes. She is a realist. An optimist. A pessimist.

She is complex and complicated. She has been labeled everything from “agreeable” to “difficult,” but she does not believe in any labels except the ones on clothes.

She learns something every day.

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Leigh Pallock Capretto Girl

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high”

-Coco Chanel

Hello, I'm Leigh


Hi! I’m Leigh. I am a moment collector and a community builder.

I was born into fashion. I grew up in my family’s boutique shoe business, Capretto Shoes. My whole childhood, people would recognize me as the daughter of the owner of Capretto, a Miami institution, and call me “Capretto Girl.” That’s how the idea for Capretto Girl was born: Through a silly nickname that some beautiful friends and neighbors lovingly bestowed on me.

Capretto Girl is a community of friends and online neighbors. Together, we will create and collect moments. Together, we will explore topics ranging from wellness and fashion, to love and relationships and sex, to altruism and pets, to lifestyle and disabilities, to what is our purpose (the ultimate topic, in my opinion).

I am a late bloomer. Join me. Let’s blossom together.

Listen with Capretto

Choose Kindness

Enjoy these Capretto Girl Spotify playlists, curated by Leigh. Listen at work or at play. The sounds around us set the tone for our day. Set a positive, cozy, mellow, meditative, fun, creative mood and then set your daily intentions. Take CG with you on the go – on your walk, on your drive, and on your mind.

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim” –Nora Ephron

The Pillars


Choose Kindness

Leigh manages a chronic invisible illness. She is intentional about what she eats, and has learned to love cooking as not only a creative pursuit, but also as an extraordinary act of self care and self love. She doesn’t believe in dieting, but has made lifestyle changes to accommodate the effects of the illness on her body.

Leigh never used to enjoy cooking for one, but now looks forward to nourishing her body with whole food, plant based nutrition. Cook with Leigh… Capretto style.

Whether you’re in New York or Bal Harbour, dressing in season-specific clothes is something everyone looks forward to once the temperature starts to change. But how does one enjoy boots and long sleeves in 80 degree weather, Or airy textiles when it’s windy and rainy where you live? Enlist Leigh’s guidance via her bespoke styling services for tips on staying chic… the Capretto Girl way.

Every season’s social activities, from summer excursions to winter holidays, can be wonderful for connecting with family and friends, but not at the expense of our nervous systems and mental health. Learn to understand when your intuition is saying ‘no thanks,’ and save Leigh’s tips for saying ‘No’ without FOMO.

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