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My motto is Love The Skin You’re In. You are perfect right now, and I want to dress that person: who you are today, not who you hope to be. I want you to go into your closet to get dressed and already know what fits, and how to wear it so it most suits and flatters you. Let me help remove the anxiety over the dreaded “what should I wear today?” conundrum.

I have worked in fashion my whole life. As an image consultant, I can help you find your signature style. There is nothing more sexy, beautiful, and liberating than feeling comfortable and fierce in your skin and in the clothes on your skin. I can help with that!

I style all ages and genders and sizes.

I clean out and organize closets. I work with a partner to streamline your closet so you can easily find what you’re looking for. I will help you choose what to give away, what to sell on TheRealReal or Poshmark (I can arrange that for you, as well), and what to keep. And then I can help you fill in any holes I find in your wardrobe. For example, maybe you’re missing the perfect white t-shirt, or a classic pair of black pumps.

I buy gifts for my clients’ loved ones, friends, coworkers, and clients. Do you need to buy your whole office Christmas presents? Do you not know what to buy your wife for your anniversary? Are you unsure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I can help! I will shop, wrap, and deliver! I’m basically Santa Claus… but in a chicer outfit!

I’m fast. I’m efficient. I round your hours down, not up. I’m fair. And I’m honest, often to a fault.

DM me on Instagram if you’re interested in a styling/image/wardrobe consultation!

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Amy, 42
Amy, 42Styling Client
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“Leigh is the best! She has really revamped my wardrobe! She focuses on individual style, not just trends, which is the key to effortless chic!”
Melissa, 30s
Melissa, 30sStyling Client
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“Leigh is such an amazing stylist and really understands my daily needs and lifestyle. She was able to stick to my budget and find me several outfits to complete my wardrobe.”