How to Easily Create Daily Routines

How to Create Daily Routines

The longest journeys must begin with a single step. Oftentimes creating a routine can feel overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start making cThe longest journeys must begin with a single step. Oftentimes creating a routine can feel overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start making changes that are going to shift the entire structure of your life. The mindset you adopt when creating your new routine must be one of excitement and not of frustration. Learning how to easily create routines starts with your mindset. First, forgive yourself for not having a routine you’re happy with up until this moment and then choose to start structuring your new daily routine around one simple change. Choose one easy action you can do to push yourself in the new direction you wish to go. This can be something simple… Such as making your bed when you wake up. Why is making your bed such a popular choice when it comes to creating a winning morning routine? Because it gives you a sense of accomplishment, which allows you to create self-trust and build on that decision with more and more choices that support a healthier lifestyle.

How to Create Daily Routines

The importance of routine

I am embarrassed to admit this: until I was 40 years old, I never made my bed. When I grew up, it was not a chore that was instilled in either my brother or I. I never thought making my bed was an important act. Honestly, even as an adult, it never occurred to me that I should make my bed in the morning. But when the events of 2020 caused us all to take a pause on our current lives, something inside of me shifted. I recently separated from my now ex-husband, and knew I needed to make some changes. For me, change began with something small. It began with routine.

In March of 2020, I, along with the rest of the country, were collectively forced to stay indoors. After it became clear that this new way of life would not simply last a couple of days, and because I’d also lost my job, I decided to use my newfound free time to try to break some old, unhealthy patterns. I wrote in my journal that I was going to change my routine and have actively spent the last almost 2 years trying to do just that.

One morning soon after I woke up and made my bed. I don’t know why that was the morning I decided to make a change, but I know that I have made my bed every single morning since. There were days, especially in the spring of 2020, when I did not want to get out of bed until after 10 AM. Even on those days, when the desire to sleep was overwhelming, I still woke up, put my feet on the ground, opened my blinds to let in the morning sunlight, and made my bed. During those days I learned so much about myself and the types of things I should push myself to do, as well as the things I was allowed to simply say NO to, that didn’t support the person I wanted to become.

How routines help you stay strong

The morning after I found out, through social media, that my ex-husband had quickly jumped into a new, serious relationship, I woke up, stood up, opened my blinds, and made my bed. A few months later, the morning after a kind friend told me (so I wouldn’t have to find out from social media this time) that my ex-husband’s new girlfriend was pregnant, I woke up, stood up, opened my blinds, and made my bed.

The morning after I had my heart broken for the first time since I had split with my husband, I woke up, still puffy-eyed, planted my feet on the tiles, grounded myself, let the San Diego sunlight in through my windows, and made my bed.

I liked the habit so much that I bought myself new beautiful sheets from Brooklinen and added a splash of color with some lavender sheets.

Sticking with your new routine

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I am not sure when making my bed stopped being something I had to remember to do and became automatic. But a year and a half later, no matter the weather, no matter the city, no matter the circumstance, I make my bed every morning. And when I climb into my beautiful bed at night, I am so grateful to Leigh from that morning for being kind to future Leigh.

I challenge you to be kind to your future self by forming a new habit starting today. Make it something simple, and hold yourself accountable. But no excuses. Do it every day, rain or shine, happy or sad, busy or not. Give yourself the gift of accountability and change in the coming new year and always. And remember to be kind to yourself. Because unless and until you’re kind to yourself, it’s nearly impossible to be kind to others. And in my experience, kindness is the greatest gift you can give to anyone, including yourself.

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